Monday, 2 July 2012

Wordpress Customization for Various Type of Websites

Earlier WordPress was much thought as a blogging application since its origination. However, today it is much more than just a blogging application. Many Companies are now involved in developing WordPress websites. It is one of the widely used online Content Management System. The reason for this could be quiet obvious as there is plenty of room for the customization of this Content Management System. Also many useful Plug-in and themes are available for free. One just needs to download and install them to use it effectively. We can develop different kind of websites using WordPress by the virtue of its functionality, usability, look and feel. Experienced WordPress users being aware of the know-how of the WordPress and its customization have helped themselves to built complex websites. Other good reasons for this are- its free, one of the most powerful and easy to deploy and publish applications. Well, let’s have a look at the kind of websites being developed using WordPress these days.

Social Networking Sites –

WordPress can work with different Use Cases as it is open for the customizations in the interests of gaining a particular objective. Social Networking websites can be setup using WordPress. You need to install WordPress and use one of the social networking themes using Buddy Press. Buddy Press helps users to register to your site, allow them to create their profiles, post messages, create groups and interact within different groups, make new contacts or friends. All in all, you can create a nice Social Networking Site using Buddy Press.

Business Directory Website -

Using the Business Directory Plug-in, you can even build a business Directory Website.Business Directory Plug-in is designed and developed for managing the business listings in the Business Directories on the website.

E-commerce Websites-

These are online Shopping Websites. In addition to the good eCommerce theme, you may to get the SSL certificate and some good ecommerce Plug-in for the ease of your customers.

Collaboration/Document Sharing Websites-

WordPress can be used for developing website which share files among different users and even share their views on a particular point.

WordPress Wiki-

If you wish to share the knowledge base of any service you are providing, you can use WordPress for developing such a website. This website can have a look as a Wiki page, but you should always consider adding quality content to website of such a kind. Since Wiki is always related to quality content and sharing knowledge.

Newsletter Subscription Service-

You can use of WordPress, Google Feed burner to develop a Newsletter Subscription Service. Email your posts and articles to the registered users of the website .This will help you a lot.

Online Magazine-

Almost everyone likes to visit such kind of websites.  WordPress can be used for this purpose as well. But you need to have a good Online Magazine theme.

News Portal-

Everyone likes to watch and read news. People are often visiting online news portals than referring to the printed Newspaper. WordPress can help you in this as well.

Product Review-

If your company has any product or service to its customers, you can always deploy a product review website using WordPress. This will help you understand what your customers think about your product or services.

Photo Blog-

WordPress can be really effective choice when you have to publish your photographs. You can simply create a Blog and publish your photographs on this WordPress site. You can install Photo Blog theme to WordPress. There could be other free themes also available for this purpose. Else you can always hire a professional web designer to design a theme for your photo Blog.

Online Job Portal-

You can build an Online Job Portal for helping many unemployed to find jobs. WordPress can help you in this.

Customer Relationship Manager-

Customer Relationship Manager helps you to manage your contacts online. You can always use one of the good themes available and some Plug-in such as Address Book in your WordPress installation. You can add Phone numbers, their address, websites and many other details about an individual.

Online Visit Card-

You can use some of the freely available WordPress themes for this. This will surely help you for having your Online Visiting Card.

Membership Sites-

There are many sites which offer solutions to your problems when you register with these websites and subscribe to their services. There are also websites having  paid subscriptions  which use the online payment options. Get a good WordPress theme and get your Membership site going live.

Ticket System-

If you are offering any Service you may have to build an application where your customers can create a log for the problems or any issues they may have. You can help them by simply raising a ticket to different problems your customers have using the structured way. WordPress can help you in this.

FAQ Systems-

Many websites require this facility. ‘Frequently asked Questions’ sections make it easier to know about the basic information about the concerned topic. You can use WordPress for this.

To conclude, with these many possibilities, I think WordPress would be good Choice for your website. These websites will need good WordPress themes which attracts visitors.  Else you can always opt for the available Premium themes. Please share your views on this. You can also post other possible websites that can be developed using WordPress.

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